Equality for all – He for She.

..Her voice may tremble, but her message was strong and clear. Yes, Emma Watson’s speech in the UN council was one of the most moving speeches that I’ve ever heard.

I was 6 years old, when I first saw Emma, on screen. Since then I’ve found my self looking up to her.
And to me, the most appealing aspect of her, was and always will be her smartness. She has grown up to be this kind, strong, intelligent and beautiful woman and I support her. Emma Watson is my hero.

Gender equality is a major issue, it always has been. And it’s not just my fight or your’s. Its our’s.
Often, feminists are tagged as man-haters, which is wrong on so many levels. Feminism is not to be biased towards a particular gender or type. It is the idea of equality, for all.
The day that I acknowledged and understood the concept of feminism and started supporting it, I was often tagged as ” too harsh” .
Growing up, I heard many ridiculous statements made, such as ” Don’t cut you hair so short, you look like a boy, why aren’t you playing with dolls? Sports is a boy thing.”
If a girl wants her way,” she’s too bossy”. Me, standing up for myself is choosing what I want to do, not me being bossy.
I’m also tagged as aggressive, too uptight, not attractive, harsh etc. This has got to end.

Men, too are a subject to this kind of inequality, only it is less high-lightened.
If you’re a man reading this, let me tell you something – Expressing your feelings does not make you a “pussy”, hurting does not make you a “girl”.
So cry if you have to, hurt if you’re hurting, right now and express, if you want to.
Because it isn’t fair to them. They’re humans, too. And they feel just as much as women do.
You do not have to show you’re tough, to prove that you’re a man.

Too many women are restricted and thwarted. Thousands and thousands of girls are denied education, equal rights and are looked down upon.
I believe in he for she, I believe in equality. We need to know men are sensitive too, women have rights, too.
So please, let us join hands. Let us do this for ourselves, for our mothers and sisters and also for our brothers. Let us stand together and make a change. Acknowledge feminism. Stay strong and don’t give up.
If you find yourself in times of doubt, ask yourself, ” If not me, who? If not now, when?


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